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The Breville BJE820XL juice fountain juicer is a commercial-grade centrifugal juice extractor with dual action discs. One of these discs serves in shredding fruit produce with its titanium blades while the other disc is a stainless steel-coated puree disc which ensures optimal juice extraction is accomplished. The second disc in particular, being a puree disc, is suitable for making fruit smoothies.

This juicer is powered by a 1200 Watt motor and yet, it runs very quietly at the lower settings when in use. For effective juicing of diverse fruits and vegetables, this device is built with variable speeds (a total of 5 speeds) which can be selected as the situation demands.

The body of the Breville BJE820XL dual disc juicer is made from top-grade die-cast metal for extra durability while many other parts of the unit comprise of dishwasher safe materials which shows that this juicer was designed with the convenience of the end user easy in mind.

It is really stress-free to use and in terms of user-friendliness, it compares favorably with the best of them. The 3-inch feed chute is wide enough for whole fruits to be fed into the machine without being diced or chopped into smaller bits. This is a great time saver as it helps to reduce the preparation time to the barest minimum and as such, juicing can be done effortlessly within a matter of minutes.

The juice jug that collected the extracted juice has a capacity of over one liter which makes it suitable for making really large quantities of juice for party guests or personal consumption. Likewise, the pulp container of the juicer has a capacity of up to three liters, which implies that users can continue juicing to their heart’s content without having to empty the pulp regularly.

This juicer has a particular feature which is unique to it. This feature is the central feed system which expedite maximum juice extraction.

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  • Product name – Breville BJE820XL juice fountain duo dual disc juicer
  • Item model number – BJE820XL
  • Product Dimensions – 8.5 x 13.5 x 17 inches
  • Product weight – 14.6 pounds
  • Product shipping weight – 19.8 pounds
  • Type of Juicer – Centrifugal
  • Juice Jug Capacity – 1 liter
  • Pulp Container Capacity – 3 liters
  • Feed Chute Size – 3 inches
  • Wattage – 1200 Watts
  • Number of speeds – 5 speeds


  • It is very versatile as it can handle fruits and veggies of any shape or texture using its two discs
  • It has 5 different processing speed settings which make enable it to tackle all kinds of produce
  • It’s a top notch product manufactured from durable materials
  • Has a large feed chute and can accommodate whole uncut fruits, thus lessening preparation time
  • The unit has removable parts that are very easy to take apart and reassemble
  • The product is easy to clean post-use


  • It is quite expensive which puts it out of the range of many prospective buyers
  • It doesn’t do so well with extracting juice from kale or spinach
  • It is quite bulky in size which makes it a bit difficult to store in small spaces
  • The mesh disc of this product is not so easy to clean
  • Oxidation of the extracted juice occurs pretty quickly
  • Has a short one year limited warranty


Breville Juicers

Final Verdict

The Breville BJE820XL juice fountain juicer is ideal for people who juice on a daily basis as it is a top-of-the-line juice extractor that is built to last. Its robust and solid design along with its dual purpose functionality and cutting-edge patented technology are features that few other juicers possess.

While many would consider the Breville BJE820XL dual disc juicer to be pricey, it is definitely worth the investment.

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Breville BJE820XL Juicer
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  1. Definitely a major step up from the 200XL model. I have been using this breville juicer for about six months and absolutely love it. Thank you for your review.


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