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The Ninja Master Prep Professional is a versatile counter-top blending and chopping device that functions in a slightly different manner from other regular blenders. With the regular blenders, they have their motors positioned underneath the jars and their blades operate from the bottom of the jars. The jars in regular blenders have lids from where ingredients can be added during blending.

The Ninja Master Prep Professional is designed differently. The jar of the blender is at the bottom of the unit while the blades and motor operate from the very top of the jar.

One obvious merit of the motor being on top of the blender unit is that the motor will not become dirty as is the case with regular blenders because the motors of regular blenders often get spilled when the blender’s contents are being stirred or if the jar leaks.

These scenarios are totally eliminated with the Ninja Master Prep Professional.

On the other hand, the demerit of this design is that the blender has to be stopped whenever the user wishes to add more ingredients to the blender. Both the lid and motor need to be removed and add replaced after more ingredients have been added.


  • Product name –  Ninja Master Prep
  • Product model – QB900B
  • Product Dimensions:11 x 12.2 x 7 inches
  • Product weight – 1 pound
  • Product shipping weight 2 pounds
  • Color – Silver
  • Wattage – 400 Watts
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • Frequency – 60 HZ.
  • Capacity of Pitcher – 48 oz.
  • Capacity of chopper bowl – 16 oz.
  • Blade technology type – Stacked blade technology

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The Ninja Master Prep has two microwave and dishwasher safe jars; a chopper bowl of capacity of 16 oz. and a 48 oz. capacity prep pitcher bowl.

The product package includes an anti-spill splash-guard for both the pitcher and chopping bowl. There are also two lids to be used when storing the pitcher in the fridge/freezer or when warming the jars in the microwave.

In addition to being microwave-safe, these jars are equally safe in the fridge and freezer. This makes it very convenient for the user since they can store the jars complete with the lids in their freezers. Subsequently, all they need to do is remove the jar from the freezer and warm the jar’s content in the microwave.

The pitcher or jar of the Ninja Master Prep has an easy-flip pour spout which makes it very convenient when pouring out the blended drinks.

The bottom of the blender unit is designed with a no-slip base which help to keep it in place whenever it’s being used and also prevent accidental spillage.

The unit can be easily stored away for future use and assembling and disassembling this blender is a breeze. It is very easy to use and it’s user-friendly by any standards as it is very simple to operate difficult.

The Ninja Master Prep is versatile and is apt for a number of different purposes. For instance, it can easily make snow from ice cubes and it is equally adept at making any of your favorite dips, frozen drinks, fruit and green smoothies. Soups and sauces are a snap for the Ninja Master Prep and it can also chop up onions and tomatoes quite easily.

The Ninja Master Prep is operated by a powerful 400 Watt motor. The action of this motor alongside the blender’s blades make it a very robust and efficient product.


  • At less than $50 in many leading online stores, this product is very inexpensive
  • It is easy to set up and assemble. Putting the removable parts back together is also easy to do
  • It is both microwave and dishwater safe
  • It comes pre-shipped with bowls which make it possible for the user to work on different food items almost simultaneously
  • It is very safe to use because the sharp blades are very easy to remove and users need not fear that the blades will cut their fingers


  • The pulse button needs to be held down while blending and cannot be left unattended
  • The lid and motor of the blender must be taken off before additional ingredients can be added to the jar while blending
  • It doesn’t do so well with seeds as it can’t grind them to powder form
  • The blades of the blender can become dull after a while
  • The sharp blades of the blender have been known to damage the jar of the unit when they are not well-positioned


Ninja Juicer

Final Verdict

The versatility of the Ninja Master Prep Professional is a very strong selling point for this product as it is at home with making soups, sauces, smoothies etc. it is suitable for people who dislikes having to chop vegetables manually and those who prepare sauces and soups on a regular basis.

Its low price also makes it appealing to anyone not willing to spend big money on more powerful blender models.

While this is not necessarily the most durable blender on the market (some of the plastic parts start to wear out after some years), it is still a bargain considering its low price.

The Ninja master professional is highly recommended.


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