SKG New Generation High Yield Slow Juicer Review

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The SKG New Generation High Yield Slow Juicer, as the name implies, is a slow juicer with a big feeding tube of about three inches in diameter. It belongs to the category of slow citrus juicers and is equipped with a 240 watt-powered brushless induction motor.

Everything about this product testifies to its quality. From the architecture, mechanics and aesthetics, this product is fashioned for long term use. The materials used in making this juicer are not only top-grade, they are also eco-friendly materials that have been certified by the FDA, GS, CE, ROHS etc.



It has a compact design and a rather sturdy handle which makes it very portable in and around the kitchen. After-use clean-up is not a problem as this heavy-weight juicer is easy to clean.

The SKG slow juicer operates through the action of its stainless steel shredding discs and chopping blades. The SKG slow juicer masticates the inserted produce and firmly squeezes them to extract their juice, instead of grinding them up with a fast-spinning blade.

The wide mouth of the feeding tube makes it possible to juice up whole fruits in a jiffy without the need to dice the fruits into smaller bits. The advantage of this feature is the shortened preparation time required when juicing.

When in operation, it runs smoothly and quietly in comparison to many other juicers that are similarly configured. There are several features in this gadget that make it appealing to juicers the world over; the least of which is the high yield derived from produce that are juiced with this machine.

This device is reputed to be able to achieve as much as a 70 percent greater juice yield of juice from both fruits and veggies than many of its contemporaries. This implies great savings for anyone who purchases this product since there will be a minimal wastage of fruits as maximal extraction of juice will be performed by this device. This proof of optimal juice extraction is evident from the degree of dryness observed in the leftover pulp once the juicing process is concluded.

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In comparison to the more traditional types of juicing machines, this juicer facilitates the retention of more nutrients (i.e. vitamins, enzymes and minerals) from the produce. This is achieved through the slow action of the juicer which ensures that there is minimal destruction of these essential nutrients by the process of oxidative degradation.

As a direct result of minimal degradation of the extracted juice, the quality of the juice derived is always of the highest quality, both in terms of taste, nutritional value and even the color of the juice speaks of its pedigree.

Another noteworthy feature of this machine is the fact that it is capable of performing continuous extraction through what is referred to as the Continuous Extraction Process.

Along with the product package are a few complementary items ranging from the free juice recipe book, smoothie strainer, cleaning brush, Tofu strainer as well as a Tofu cloth


  • Brand Name – SKG
  • Model – Slow juicer
  • Type – Citrus juicer
  • Colour – Brick red
  • Product name – SKG New Generation High Yield Slow Juicer
  • Model number – 2088
  • Product Shipping Weight – 22.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions – 280 x 206 x 365 mm
  • Capacity of cup – 550 ml
  • Power rating of motor – 230 Watts
  • Motor speed – 60 rpm
  • Size of feed chute – 3 inches
  • Rated power – 230 Watts AC
  • Rated Voltage – 110 V – 120 V
  • Product warranty – 2 years


  • It is built with durable base materials and is built to last
  • It has an overheating protection mechanism installed
  • It is capable of continuous juicing
  • It can be used for making tofu unlike many other juicers
  • It has a non-drip smart cap
  • The product unit is quite easy for anyone to assemble


  • The product unit is a bit heavy


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Final Verdict

No matter what criteria you look out for in a good juicer, the SKG new generation high yield slow juicer will make the grade. Both from an aesthetic and functionality standpoint, this product is great value for money and delivers highly nutritious and great-tasting juice.

This juicer is highly recommended.


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