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The Tribest Green Star Elite 5000 is a complete mastication twin gear juice extractor and food processor. Quite unlike the regular masticating juicers, this device is touted as being the ultimate mastication extractor.

With its innovative 3-phase extraction technique, this juicer has been clinically proven to extract a significantly larger quantities of minerals from produce than majority of the top juicer extractors through the action of its dual gear press.

Much higher concentrations of minerals such as zinc, iron and calcium were detected in juice extracted by the Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 than in those extracted by other brands of juicers. The observed variance between the mineral concentration levels between both sets of extracted juices varied by as much as 50%-200%, being higher in juice extracted with the Tribest Green Star Elite. Thus, the juice obtained here is very much richer in nutrients than with other juicers.

With an ergonomic design, the Green Star Elite juicer makes very healthy juice while preserving the optimum vitamins, enzymes and minerals possible. This machine is equipped with rollers that squeeze the produce gently and release minimal amount of heat and also absorb as little oxygen as possible.

Thanks to this method, the very fragile enzymes and vitamins in the produce are preserved, and oxidation is slowed down.

The juicer is lighter, easier to clean and offers a better extraction success rate than its predecessor, the Green Star GS1000 with larger twin screws.

Tribest Juicers

The Green Star Tribest Elite, with its jumbo screws, provides an even richer supply of vitamins and minerals in the juice through its 3-step extraction “grind, mix, press” processes.

The grinding phase is where the twin screws of the Green Star GSE 5000 crush fruit and pureed vegetables. The mixing phase is where the ground foods are mixed together by the juice extractor. The last phase proceeds by the foods being pressed together and the juice is extracted, leaving very dry pulp.

The simple design of the Green Star Elite is not only aesthetic but also practical. It is definitely easier to assemble and disassemble for proper cleaning to be done. Besides being an excellent juice extractor, the GreenStar Elite juicer can also be deployed to make not only delicious but also fresh juice purees, nut butters, sorbets and breadsticks.

This juicer has the distinction of having two stainless steel mills that contain powerful magnets and special biological ceramic particles that recover more minerals from the produce and keeps the extracted juice fresh for longer periods of time.


  • Product Brand – Tribest
  • Model – Green Star GSE-5000
  • Type of Juicer – Centrifugal
  • Color – White
  • Product Dimensions – 6.5 x 19 x 12.5 inches
  • Product weight – 24 pounds
  • Shipping Weight – 27.8 pounds
  • Material – Plastic
  • Format – Horizontal
  • Number of processing speeds – 1
  • Mechanism – Jumbo twin screws
  • Power – 200 Watts
  • Speed – 110 rpm
  • Number of sieves – 4
  • Pulp Tank – No


  • Washing and maintenance of this machine are easy and straightforward to do
  • It produces high yield from produce
  • Its relatively slow rotational speed reduce oxidation of the extracted juice and hence, the juice can remain fresh for over 24 hours while being refrigerated
  • It is very versatile and can be put to a number of different uses beside juicing
  • There is minimal nutrient loss with this product


  • It is quite expensive for a juice extractor
  • It is difficult to feed carrots and other vegetables down the feed chute as considerable force often needs to be applied

Final Verdict

This extractor is a premium quality, top of the line extractor. With the electric juice extractor from Green Star Elite, what you get every time is fruit fresh juices rich in vitamins, trace elements, minerals and enzymes from your any of your favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs! With the Green Star Elite’s advanced technology, you get to keep your juice in the refrigerator up to 24 hours without them losing their nutrients.

This product is ideal for anyone who prioritizes quality nutrition and efficiency over pricing or any other consideration. Those wishing to vary their use of their juicer beyond just juicing will also be delighted.

discount juicers

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  1. I found this review on Google. I never heard of this brand before but glad I took the leap of faith in buying this juicer. Does exactly what is advertised.


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