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Slow Juicer

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The Vremi Slow Juicer is a great way for people to gain more control over their diets and by extension, their health. It is a proven fact that juices bought from the store have lost a great deal of the essential nutrients that the human body desperately needs. The nutrients are lost mostly during preservation and processing techniques.

To enjoy the full complements of nutrients that fruits have to offer, it is best to drink fruit juices without any of the additives, preservatives or chemicals which the store-bought juices contain.

Extractors operating at high speeds can also ​​destroy some of the enzymes and nutrients that your body requires. Loss of nutrition can also occur due to the heat generated during extraction, hence a slow juice extraction process is crucial.

The juice obtained with this method is very high in nutritional value while preserving the natural luster of vegetables and fruits. A significantly larger quantity of juice is extracted by this process, often by as much as 40 percent more than other similar juicing machines. It is also worth mentioning that is virtually no loss of nutrition with this juicing method unlike with fast and powerful juicers.


The Vremi juicer is designed with two sprouts at the sides of the unit. They serve to collect the juice and pulp derived from the extraction process. Wastage is eliminated with the presence of a stopper situated over the juice spout to prevent the juice extract from dripping.

The Vremi Slow Juicer is a sleek and slim modern slow juicer that makes large quantities of fresh, natural and tasty fruit juices right from within your own kitchen.

Juice extraction with this extractor proceeds through a slow dual-stage process which ensures that optimal juice extraction is achieved. The juicer works slowly and precisely in order to get as much juice out of the produce as possible, thus generating virtually dry pulp in the process.

The efficiency of this juicer is further highlighted by the fact that it helps in saving energy consumption. This is largely due to its mode of operation and its powerful yet efficient engine. The product is shipped with a detailed instruction manual which explains the processes of assembly, disassembly, operation and cleaning of the unit.

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This machine is very stress-free to clean as water can be poured into the feeding tube while the juicer is on and allowing the water run out into a container through the pour spout until the color of the water is clear.  To clean the unit even further, it can be readily disassembled, rinsed with warm water and non-corrosive soap and then left to dry. Included in the shipped product package is a free cleaning brush to help rid the juicer of any leftovers.

The Vremi slow speed juicer comes in three different color options which are red, black and green. So users are free to choose the color that best matches the decor of their kitchen.

To prevent the motor from burning out, the unit has a reverse mechanism in place and this gives the juicer more longevity. It is user-friendly and is not complicated to use in any way.


  • The VREMI juicer an is aesthetically appealing extractor
  • It is easy to clean up post-use
  • It works relatively quietly compared to many other juicer brands
  • Produces great tasting juice
  • The product package includes an apple slicer to make extraction easier
  • It helps users to save money spent on produce as a single glass of fresh juice can cost much less than those sold in organic shops. With the same amount of money, one can get many servings of natural juice in the comfort of one’s home for several days.


  • The pulp shoot of the blender can often get jammed


Slow Juicer

Final Verdict

The slow juice extraction procedure utilized in this juicer makes it consume less power which implies that users will get to save money on their electricity bills. This juicer would be a good buy even though it may be considered pricey by some.


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  1. Nothing beats the Vremi in my opinion. This is a juicer with a name you probably never heard before but gets the job done. Great review!


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